Who We Are

What is the International Rescue Committee?

Our Mission:
Founded in 1933, the IRC is a global leader in emergency relief, rehabilitation, protection of human rights, post-conflict development, resettlement services and advocacy for those uprooted or affected by conflict and oppression.

Our Work:
At work in 25 countries, the IRC delivers lifesaving aid in emergencies, rebuilds shattered communities, cares for war-traumatized children, rehabilitates health care, water and sanitation systems, reunites separated families, restores lost livelihoods, establishes schools, trains teachers, strengthens the capacity of local organizations and supports civil society and good-governance initiatives. For refugees afforded sanctuary in the United States, IRC offices across the country provide a range of assistance aimed at helping new arrivals get settled, adjust and acquire the skills to become self-sufficient. Committed to restoring dignity and self-reliance, the IRC is a global symbol of hope and renewal for those who have taken flight in search of freedom.

Our Impact:
In 2004, IRC humanitarian aid programs restored hope and opportunity for more than 15 million conflict-affected individuals around the world, and millions more were helped by the 5,600 local organizations and community groups that the IRC supports.

• More than 4.3 million people gained access to clean water and sanitation through our environmental health programs.

• Over 263,000 children, more than half girls, attended classes taught by IRC-trained teachers in schools rehabilitated or supported by the IRC. We also helped 30,000 adults, half of them women, learn to read.

• Nearly 50,000 people benefited from vocational training and business startup assistance that helped them find sustainable employment and economic security.

• More than 4 million people received primary health care and reproductive health services from IRC doctors, nurses, community health workers and IRC-supported clinics. Our health education programs reached some two million people.

• Nearly 15,000 survivors of sexual violence received counseling, medical care and psychosocial assistance. We provided prevention education to some 330,000 men, women and adolescents.

• IRC child protection teams reunited over 8,300 separated children and former child soldiers with their families and relatives and provided specialized care for an additional 9,300 vulnerable children and adolescents.

• In the United States, the IRC helped 20,700 refugees and asylees settle into their homes, schools and communities and move toward economic independence. IRC programs provided 100 victims of trafficking with legal aid and support services.

Our Ratings and Efficiency:
The IRC is consistently awarded high marks by charity watchdog groups and respected publications for the efficient use of its financial support and the effectiveness of its work.

Of every $1 the IRC spends, 90¢ goes to programs and services that directly benefit refugees and war-affected populations. Financial Information

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